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Segway Spot – See Andalusia from a Different Perspective

Learn about Segway an incredibly especially extremely easy and exciting way to ride.

Hi! We’re the team from Segway Spot. We’re the people to see if walking sounds a tad tragic, and gliding on two wheels sounds like magic!

So you’re visiting Andalusia… where do we begin? Andalusia, the famed region in Southern Spain, really does typify what Spain means to most people. Sun, sand, a rich history of well over 1,000 years, sprinkled with some tapas, flamenco dancing and even some bull-fighting, all surrounded by azure blue waters lapping at your feet. It really is a magical part of the world and there are too many activities to even list here.

What we can do, though, is give you a basic idea of what Andalusia has to offer, and how we can offer a fun, unique and convenient way of getting around it all.

Cadiz and Sotogrande, both within the region of Andalusia, are two very different places. Cadiz is an ancient town, population around 120,000. Sotogrande is a modern haven for the rich and famous with only a few thousand permanent residents. The one thing they do happen to have in common is… heaps of fun!

So naturally that’s why we’ve set up shop in both of these centres, to add even more fun to your holiday experience when you check out the Cadiz and Sotogrande attractions. Andalusia is a wonderful, but also sizzling place (and we’re not talking about the food).

We noticed a lot of tourists saying that they loved the experience of sightseeing, but hated the experience of walking from place to place under the Spanish Sun. If you come in summer, you simply won't want to walk around for any extended period of time.

Segways! Segways have been around a while now, and are a safe, fun and convenient way of travelling around with basically no effort. It’s the perfect way to make sure you enjoy your day of sightseeing while remaining fresh for sangria and tapas in the evening.

From there, as technology moved forward, we’ve introduced e-bikes (as well as regular bikes) and the latest craze, hoverboards (also known as self-balancing scooters).

So whether you are visiting the immaculate Palacio de Generalife or the Golden Mile on the Costa del Sol, you can travel to, from, and within with ease.

All options - Segways, e-bikes, hoverboards, have a really easy learning curve, and we think that they provide a genuinely different level of fun to your tours.

You can rent them from us and cruise around at your own pace. You can rent them from us and go on a guided tour (ask the operator first!). Or you can actually buy hoverboards from us, and we’ll deliver to anywhere in Spain.

We even have our own servicing department where we aim for a 24 hour turn around. We’re a one stop shop for all things gyroscopic and groovy!

Our fully-trained, English-speaking staff will help you on your way, answer any questions and give you some handy tourist tips if need be.

We’re very proud of our personal service, and our online reviews show it. Feel free to have a look on Google to check out what people have to say about us.

Have a look around the site and see what we have to offer. We have no doubt that you’ll find something to suit your needs, and more importantly, make your visit to Andalusia a lot more convenient, and FUN!